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How old does a child have to be in order to make a true commitment to Jesus Christ?

We believe that once a child develops a conscience and the knowing of right and wrong, this is the time to make a commitment to God.

At what age are children able to be water baptized?

We teach our kids the basic fundamentals of baptism and offer this to our children at the parents' and Pastors' discretion.

Are the classrooms safe and clean?

We have background checks done on all of our volunteers and our classrooms are disinfected weekly.

Do the kids have their own praise and worship time?

Our LIFEkidz ministry offers praise and worship from the Nursery to the Elementary Class! We value the time we get to teach your kids the importance of praising God.

What do they learn in Class?

We provide sound biblical teaching that will cultivate rich understanding of the Word of God and thus produce faith and power in our young people in an exciting and fun environment.

How can I sign up to serve in children’s ministry?

Children’s Ministry applications are located at Guest Services. Fill this form out and we will contact you! Serving in Children’s Ministry is a blessing and we would love for you to join our team.

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