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Commit Thy Way

Psalms 37:5 “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass.”

It may not come to pass in our timing; however we can trust that it will come to pass in His. If you’re going through, hold on to this scripture and know that you win in the end.

Do you know what it means to commit to something? It means you take it to God and leave it with Him. For example, when you go to the post office to mail a letter, you put it in the mail slot and walk away. When you go home, you’re not worried about it getting to its destination. When you dropped off that mail, what did you do? You committed it to the Postal Service to take care of it. You don’t go home and lose sleep worrying if the mail will get there. You are confident that it will. You committed and you let it go at that. As it is with us, when you have a problem or a need, commit it to the Lord. You take it to Him in prayer and leave it there, don’t hang on to it. If you hang on to the mail, it will never get mailed, because you still have it. But if you let it go, then it is committed. Commit thy way unto the Lord and trust in God and He will bring it to pass. Your job now, is to rest in Him and daily thank Him for what you’re expecting!

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